Saturday, December 02, 2006

FTC's Autumn Mixtape: the video's!

According to Mininova, FTC's Autumn Mixtape (or at least the torrent) has been downloaded 455 times already!!! This must be a mistake, but still: pretty awesome! It's also a nice opportunity for a follow up post: FTC's Autumn Mixtape: the video's!

Although not all songs on the mixtape have a video, these are the ones I did manage to find.

3. The Long Blondes - Once And Never Again

4. David & the Citizens - Graycoated Morning

9. Marit Larsen - Only A Fool (live)

10. Matt And Kim - Yea Yeah

13. Pipas - Riff Raff

14. Brakes - Hold Me In The River (live)

17. B.A. Johnston - My Heart Is A Blinking Nintendo (live)

18. Oxford Collapse - Please Visit Your National Parks

Friday, December 01, 2006

Finally Friday Video's Part XII

As promised: this week's featured artist is Pantera. I've put up the video's for Walk and I'm Broken. Brings back memories!


Thursday, November 30, 2006

Camera Obscura vs. Belle & Sebastian

The time for end of the year lists is only a month away and I haven't even discussed two of this years finest indiepop releases. Thus, A tad (and not so fashionably) late, I present to you 'Let's Get Out of This Country' by Camera Obscura and 'The Life Pursuit' by Belle & Sebastian.

There are a lot of similarities; both bands are from Glasgow and their music is easily comparable. Camera Obscura is often described as a lesser Belle & Sebastian, but with their latest album they're truly closing the gap. I can't really say which of these two albums I like best. Both albums are full of (so many) insanely catchy pop songs, which makes me wonder why their succes is still limited to the indie scene in a lot of countries. I've put up 2 video's by each band. Earcandy anyone?

Camera Obscura - Lloyd, I'm ready to be heartbroken

Camera Obscura - Let's get out of this country

Belle & Sebastian - Funny little frog

Belle & Sebastian - The blues are still blue

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Best Punk Albums according to Kerrang...not me!

Music lists are controversial. Musical taste is subjective and putting bands in order can be tiresome and arbitrary. Influential bands should be included, but influence does not necessarily equal greatness. However, you don't have to read Nick Hornby's 'High Fidelity' (actually you do if you haven't but that's another story) to know that making and discussing lists is fun. Everyone has their own idea about them and they can lead to heated debats!

Kerrang magazine made a pretty bad list of the top 50 punk albums of all time. I copied this list from punknews. I will give you my view on this list below, so you can make your mind up first.

1. Sex Pistols - Never Mind the Bollocks, Here's the Sex Pistols (1977)
2. Green Day - Dookie (1994)
3. Dead Kennedys - Fresh Fruit for Rotting Vegetables (1980)
4. Nirvana - Nevermind (1991)
5. The Offspring - Smash (1994)
6. Rancid - ...And Out Come the Wolves (1995)
7. Discharge - Hear Nothing, See Nothing, Say Nothing (1982)
8. The Clash - The Clash (1977)
9. The Damned - Machine Gun Etiquette (1979)
10. Ramones - Ramones (1976)
11. NOFX - Punk in Drublic (1994)
12. Fugazi - Repeater (1990)
13. The Clash - London Calling (1979)
14. Blink-182 - Enema of the State (1999)
15. The Stooges - Fun House (1970)
16. Black Flag - Damaged (1981)
17. Minor Threat - Complete Discography (1989) [Compilation]
18. The Stooges - Raw Power (1973)
19. The Undertones - The Undertones (1979)
20. The Offspring - Americana (1998)
21. Bad Brains - Rock for Light (1983)
22. Buzzcocks - Love Bites (1978)
23. NOFX - So Long and Thanks for All the Shoes (1997)
24. The Ruts - The Crack (1979)
25. Crass - Feeding of the 5000 (1978)
26. The Vandals - Hitler Bad, Vandals Good (1998)
27. Operation Ivy - Energy (1989)
28. Refused - The Shape of Punk To Come (1998)
29. Rocket From the Crypt - Scream Dracula, Scream! (1995)
30. The Exploited - Punks Not Dead (1981)
31. Cro-Mags - Age of Quarrel (1986)
32. Quicksand - Manic Compression (1995)
33. The Descendents - Milo Goes to College (1982)
34. Sublime - Sublime (1996)
35. The Misfits - Static Age [1978] (1997)
36. The Mighty Mighty Bosstones - Let's Face It (1997)
37. Bad Religion - Suffer (1988)
38. Less Than Jake - Hello Rockview (1998)
39. Dwarves - Are Young and Good Looking (1997)
40. Supersuckers - The Evil Powers of Rock 'N' Roll (1999)
41. Social Distortion - White Light White Heat White Trash (1996)
42. The Get Up Kids - Something to Write Home About (1999)
43. Green Day - Nimrod (1997)
44. Will Haven - El Diablo (1997)
45. Stiff Little Fingers - Inflammable Material (1979)
46. Napalm - Death Scum (1987)
47. A.F.I. - Black Sails in the Sunset (1999)
48. Poison Idea - Feel the Darkness (1990)
49. G.B.H. - Leather, Bristles, Studs and Acne (1981) [EP]
50. Killing Joke - Killing Joke (1980)

Seen the complete list? let me give you a couple of reasons why this list sucks.

#1 There are two Green Day and two albums by the Offspring on it and only one Ramones album. That alone makes this list ridiculous in my opinion.

#2 There is only one Bad Religion and Descendents album on it while two Green Day and two Offspring albums made the list (as you'll notice...I'm having issues with this).

#3 No way that The Offspring's 'Smash' is better than '...and Out Came The Wolves' by Rancid or London Calling by the Clash or ... (enter 90-95% of this list)!!!!

#4 NOFX 'White Trash...' is so much better than the two albums featured on this list.

#5 Blink 182 is on this list and that's not all...they're positioned higher than Bad Religion, the Descendents and Minor Threat.

#6 Where are the following bands: X-Ray Specs, All, Screeching Weasel, Mr. T Experience, Dag Nasty, Lifetime, Husker Du, Minutemen, Lagwagon, Avail...etc.

#7 ...

What your opinion on Kerrangs list?

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Get on the tour wagon!

I like to direct your attention to the show list on the left of your screen, because there are a couple of shows coming up that are in need of your attendance. No less than four bands I've talked about in this blog will play a show in the Netherlands in December and January. Next friday, I'm from Barcelona will play in de Helling in Utrecht. I can hear you scream from excitement already although I'm wondering if all 29 band members will be there...

January 25th, melodic hardcore outfit No Trigger will play as a support act of A Wilhelm Scream in Amsterdam. A couple of days later The Fratellis will perform at the same venue (Melkweg), followed by Ben Folds in Paradiso on January 30th.

I'm From Barcelona - Collection of Stamps

No Trigger - Fish Eye Lens

The Fratellis - Henrietta

Ben Folds - Rockin' the Suburbs (awesome video alert! directed by Weird Al Yankovic...definitely not his best song though)

Monday, November 27, 2006


Friday night on my bicycle, on my way home after a job interview I was rocking out to Say Anything's 2004 album 'Is a Real Boy'. This post is not about that album, but if you haven't heard it yet, you better get to it! It has been re-issued this year and on this e-card you can listen to three songs. This band shows that punkrock still can be energetic, exciting and original. Check out the video to ´Alive with the Glory Of love´, which is my favorite.

Anyways, there is this one song on it that made me wanna do this post. It's called 'Admit It' and it's a song with a narrated verse and a sung chorus. As you will notice when listening to it, it's a denounciation of the fake elititists and hipsters in the underground scene, as you´ll find out after these first lines: 'Despite your pseudo-bohemian appearance| And vaguely leftist doctrine of beliefs| You know nothing about art or sex| That you couldn’t read in any trendy New York underground fashion magazine| Prototypical non-conformist| You are a vacuous soldier of the thrift store Gestapo| You adhere to a set of standards and tastes| That appear to be determined by an unseen panel of hipster judges (bullshit)| Ouch! I've put the song up for download here (complete lyrics here).

It got me thinking. There are other narrative songs that are really good. Actually, the three songs that first came to mind are all pretty good to awesome even. Maybe songtelling is a recipe for succes? Check out the three songs that came to my mind first below. Now, I'm curious...can you think of some other ones?

Nada Surf 'Popular'

Eels 'Susan's House'

Suicidal Tendencies 'Institutionalized'

Sunday, November 26, 2006

Show Review: Strike Anywhere, the Loved Ones @ Bibelot

Some observations from last night's show in Dordrecht.

* Going to shows when you're tired is a bad idea.
* Bibelot, located in an old church, is a beautiful venue.
* This was the first time I had to pass a metal detector to enter a show. Luckily I wasn't stabbed to death, like at other venues.
* Churches are made for preaching, not for rocking. Well...there was some preaching. The sound however was really bad, but that's what you can expect with that acoustic.
* Support act The Real Danger was pretty good, solid cover of the Jam's 'In The City'!
* The Loved Ones were ok. They have some really good songs, but their songs really really sound the same. Watch their video for 100k below.
* Pretty lame crowd...
* I've seen Strike Anywhere once or twice before and their show was as energetic as the previous ones. Their sociopolitical hardcorepunk is done well and they show a lot of passion, but I wasn't really feeling it.
* Going to shows when you're tired is a bad idea.
* Don't judge a venue by its appearance.
* ...
* ...
* Actually, this evening wasn't that bad...or good...average