Wednesday, November 22, 2006

50th post...time for a mixtape!

Fifty posts already! That's something to celebrate right? Let's just say that I believe this is a great opportunity for a first mixtape (actually mixed cd, but mixtape sounds so much better!) on File Transfer Complete dot Blogspot dot com. Let me introduce you to FTC's Autumn Mixtape 2006! 23 songs by 23 artists, most of which -for one reason or another- haven't been featured on this blog yet but are often listened to at FTC Headquarters.

The tracklist:
1. The Heavenly States - Look and Listen
2. Okkervil River - O, Dana [Big Star cover]
3. The Long Blondes - Once And Never Again
4. David & the Citizens - Graycoated Morning
5. Lucksmiths, The - Young and Dumb
6. None More Black - You Suck! But Your Peanut Butter Is OK
7. The Pipettes - I Like A Boy In Uniform (School Uniform)
8. Barcelona - Teenage Pop Star
9. Marit Larsen - Only A Fool
10. Matt And Kim - Yea Yeah
11. The Nice Boys - Teenage Nights
12. The Hold Steady - You Can Make Him Like You
13. Pipas - Riff Raff
14. Brakes - Hold Me In The River
15. The Cardinal Sin - Rough Road
16. Math And Physics Club - I Know What I Want
17. B.A. Johnston - My Heart Is A Blinking Nintendo
18. Oxford Collapse - Please Visit Your National Parks
19. The Bicycles - Gotta Get Out
20. Cruiserweight - There You Are
21. Irene - Stardust
22. Malajube - Ton Plat Favori
23. Susanna And The Magical Orchestra - Crazy, Crazy Nights (Kiss Cover)

The Artwork:
Free Image Hosting

Free Image Hosting

You can download the mix (including the artwork) in two parts (wind and rain) below...Enjoy!

Update: if you rather download using torrents, you can use this torrent. If you do, please seed, cause my upload speed is teribble.

FTC's Autumn Mixtape Wind side (tracks 1-12 + artwork) [53.94 mb]
FTC's Autumn Mixtape Rain side (track13-23) [43.7 mb]

1 comment:

Jeroen said...

Niek, Allereerst geniale site. Ik geniet van de filmpjes. vooral het concert van de pipettes op Fabchannel was geniaal.

Maarre heb je niet ff een inlognaampje en pw voor die download site?