Wednesday, September 13, 2006

No Trigger

After some indiepop flavoured posts, it's time to satisfy my friends with a knack for something a little more agressive, more energetic, something faster. Let me introduce you to Massachusetts melodic hardcorepunk outfit No Trigger. This five piece band has created a perfect blend of melodic hardcore and sing-a-longable punkrock on their debut full length Canyoneer.

Three bands that come to mind while listening to this band...? Good Riddance, Strike Anywhere, but also Comeback Kid . It's nothing groundbreaking or original, but it's done oh so well!!! Already one of my favourite hardcorepunk albums of this year.

No Trigger - The Honshu Underground
No Trigger - Neon National Park

More songs on the band's MySpace

1 comment:

Adé said...

Kijk, zo hou je je vrienden tevreden. Idd niet origineel, maar dat maakt mij niets uit. De zanger heeft wel wat weg van de zanger van Good Riddance. Gewoon een heerlijke sound.