Tuesday, September 12, 2006

They're not from Barcelona...

...but from Sweden. Still, they are called I'm from Barcelona. This band consists of 29 (!) men and women and has been a hype for some time now in the blogging world. My blog only started recently, so this is me catching up.

The reason for their succes? The song "We're from Barcelona" will find its way inside your head after just one listen and will probably stay there the next few days. In the mean time, you'll find an urge to play this song again and again, which you don't really understand, because this song is as much a contemporary indiepop classic as it could be a succes on German schlager festivals! Then, you watch the video to the song for the first time and you're not sure why, but there's a smile on your face and you decide to watch it again. You start noticing how great (and one of his kind) this video is. You'll ask your friends if they've seen the video. "Did you see the girls with the large glasses?" "What about the singer...or the guy with the mullet?"

However, this band is not a one trick pony. Their album Let me introduce my friends is full of great (and agreed...some less than great) indiepop songs. I've put one of my favorites of the album up for download and you can listen to some other songs on their MySpace.

I'm from Barcelona - Oversleeping


Pete said...

Ik had deze ook al gedownload en vind het leuke sound! Die clip is echt super, vooral dat tegen elkaar in swingen! :D

Adé said...

Pure bagger, maar ik moet toegeven leuk om naar te kijken.