Sunday, November 26, 2006

Show Review: Strike Anywhere, the Loved Ones @ Bibelot

Some observations from last night's show in Dordrecht.

* Going to shows when you're tired is a bad idea.
* Bibelot, located in an old church, is a beautiful venue.
* This was the first time I had to pass a metal detector to enter a show. Luckily I wasn't stabbed to death, like at other venues.
* Churches are made for preaching, not for rocking. Well...there was some preaching. The sound however was really bad, but that's what you can expect with that acoustic.
* Support act The Real Danger was pretty good, solid cover of the Jam's 'In The City'!
* The Loved Ones were ok. They have some really good songs, but their songs really really sound the same. Watch their video for 100k below.
* Pretty lame crowd...
* I've seen Strike Anywhere once or twice before and their show was as energetic as the previous ones. Their sociopolitical hardcorepunk is done well and they show a lot of passion, but I wasn't really feeling it.
* Going to shows when you're tired is a bad idea.
* Don't judge a venue by its appearance.
* ...
* ...
* Actually, this evening wasn't that bad...or good...average

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