Monday, September 25, 2006

Five O'Clock Heroes

When a band cites Elvis Costello, Joe Jackson and The Jam as their main influences they have my attention. Five O'Clock Heroes is certainly influenced by these bands, but they succeed (where others failed, Kaiser Chiefs for instance, but some might disagree) in taking these influences and creating a sound of their own. Their debut album Bend to Breaks, which was released this spring is filled with solid postpunk/poprock songs with some standout tracks on it. Time On My Hands (see video), with an awesome bassline and a great chorus (The Jam would be proud), might be the bands best shot to stardom, but there are more songs on it that could do well as a single. White Girls (video) and Head Games (video) were also released as a single.

Don't expect anything revolutionary or original, but that's no problem when it's done this good.

Five O'Clock Heroes - Corporate Boys
Five O'Clock Heroes on MySpace

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