Friday, September 29, 2006

Finally Friday Video's Part III

Oh my! What a week. The last days I've been so busy, that I did not find the time to post on this blog. Let's see...wednesday was filled with graduating, thursday with aging (I'm 26 now)...and to top all that: today I worked from 8am to 6pm! I see you stare in disbelieve; I guess you're gonna have to take my word for it.

This last minute post to the 'Finally Friday video' series is done with the sleep already haunting my eyes. I'm too tired for a party song, so it's a good day for a powerballad. Every self respecting (Hair) Metal/Hard Rock band had at least one powerballad on their albums. Guns n' Roses had 'Patience', Europe had 'Carrie', Aerosmith had 'Janies got a Gun' and Poison had 'Every Rose has its Thorn'. Still, my favorite powerballad has to be '18 and life' by Skid Row. I remember staying at my brother's place in my early teens. watching MTV in the morning, which was kind of magical because we never had cable television at home. I already knew the song (thanks to that same brother), but I still remember seeing that video. Singer Sebastian Bach was besides a very charismatic frontman one of the best vocalists in metal. I guess that really appealed to me in that period, but they were definitely not a one hit wonder to me. Their Self Titled album and Slave to the Grind are still one of my favorite albums of that era. Skid Row were seen as the next Guns n' Roses but they never became that big, but that doesn't matter. At least Sebastian Bach can claim a succesful acting career in the tv show Gilmore Girls. Eat that Axl Rose!!!

Final note: I can't believe I forgot what a great song Janie's got a gun is. I've put links to this video and the others in this post. Check it out!

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