Saturday, September 30, 2006

The 101

Putting labels on music is always difficult. For instance, the term poppunk can be used to describe bands with a very thick production and instantly contagious songs, but with low staying power (think Fall Out Boy). Poppunk can also be used to describe bands that write excellent head boppin', rockin' pop songs with a punk feel to them that sound great no matter how many times you play these songs. Bands like Samiam and All are good examples. The 101 from NYC are a nice addition to this group.

Formed by singer Eric Richter (formerly of emo legends Christie Front Drive), the band recently released their 2nd full length album (Numbers). Keywords? Melody, hooks and most importantly plain good songwriting! This band is probably not fashionable enough to become popular with the kids, but I know there are lots of persons out there who will eat this up! If you're into bands like Samiam, Jawbreaker, Hey Mercedes, All and (the fast songs by) Jimmy Eat World, this band is for you! Check out 'Never In' (from the first album Green Street) and 'Dancing' from the new album. You can also download their complete (!) debut EP here.

The 101 - Never In
The 101 - Dancing

The 101 on MySpace

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