Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Clinton vs Fox news

So how about that Fox news interview with former US president Clinton? I was trying to find it yesterday on youtube, because I wanted to see the whole interview. For some reason, a lot of video's were removed because of copyright issues (I'm actually wondering how long the clips in this post will stay online). This is kind of curious because you can find lots of other FOX news clips on youtube. Censorship is a bitch... Today however, I found the interview. You can skip, the first four minutes of the first part of the interview, but then it gets interesting. Clinton explains in clear and passionate words what he has done to fight terrorism and Osama Bin Laden in particular. He states some interesting facts and even admits that he made mistakes. While he's at it, he also stands up to FOX news' right wing conservative approach and their dubious practices (the documentary Outfoxed is recommended if you want to find out more about this!). Basically Clinton slaps interviewer Wallace and FOX news around with facts and passion and wins by K.O. Watch the interview yourself:

How did FOX news reacted to this knock out loss? In typical Fox news way...by spinning...watch the clip below. Instead of discussing or even mentioning what he said, they focus on how he said it, diverting the attention of the strong points Clinton made.

The sad thing is that other news stations also focus on Clinton going berserk instead of focusing on the words spoken. Because of this, Clintons important message seems to miss its mark. Thank God for objective journalism...

...to end on a more humorous note. The Daily Show with Jon Stewart recently had a hilarious item on the use of question marks by news stations.

By the way...don't worry...tomorrow we'll talk music again!

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