Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Welcome to the 'Oh Seven'!

Welcome to the year Two Thousand and Seven! Sounds pretty futuristic right? So much is going to change in my life this year that I'm taking it day-to-day. However, I can already tell you that I'm looking forward to the return of two heroes from my youth:
- the sixth Rocky movie: Rocky Balboa
- the release of Chinese Democracy by Guns n' Roses (this could be the year...)

Anyways...here are some interesting links to start the year with:

* If you're into mashups or looking for some cool stuff for a party, Bootie has made a free downloadable sampler with the best mashups of 2006. My favorite is 'the Money Song' by team9 (download here), which is a mashup of Hard-Fi vs. Red Hot Chili Peppers vs. Flying Lizards vs. Abba vs. Jay-Z. You can find the "Best of Bootie 2006 CD" here.

* Largehearted Boy (one of my favorite blogs) has an extremely large list of best of 2006 yearlists (including my blog!). Check it out here.

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