Friday, January 05, 2007

Finally Friday Video Week 1 [2007] I love YouTube! While searching for Neko Case video's, I came across a -to me unknown- video of one of my favorite bands: the New Pornographers. 'Your Daddy Don't know' was recorded for the soundtrack of 2002 mockumentary film FUBAR. It's an awesome cover of Canada hardrock outfit Toronto. Now, I believe the best covers are of songs that you've almost forgotten but that sound awfully familiar when first heard. In this case, I wonder if I've even known the original at all, but indeed it sounds really familiar, almost like it reminds me of another song. Then suddenly it hit me...this really really really sounds like Jessie's Girl by Rick Springfield. YouTube wouldn't be YouTube if it didn't also contained the Toronto original and the Rick Springfield classic, which I present to you for the first installment of the Finally Friday Video series of 2007.

The Cover: The New Pornographers - Your Daddy Don't Know

The Original: Toronto - Your Daddy Don't Know

The Similarity: Rick Springfield - Jessie's Girl

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