Thursday, January 04, 2007

Baby Teeth

A band only needs one good song to draw my interest. Enter 'the Simp' by Chicago based Baby Teeth. It's an indie rock gem seemily influenced by classic rock. It was this song that made me look into this band. I've come across an advanced copy of their new album (also titled the Simp, which will be released through Lujo Records early this year) and I am somewhat surprised by it. The common denominator here is indie rock but there are obvious influences of classic rock but also 60'/70's pop. Some songs are even close to disco. I'm still not sure if I like this album, but at this moment it's safe to say I'm intrigued by it. However...this record probably will stay a hit or miss record to me. Some songs are really enjoyable (sometimes even really really good!) and some songs I won't regret skipping. Anyways, I've posted their best song (the Simp) and the song most likely to appear on your radio (Swim Team). Enjoy!

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Baby Teeth - The Simp
Baby Teeth - Swim Team
Baby Teeth - Heather via JC (from 2006 EP For the Heathers; watch video here)

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