Wednesday, December 13, 2006

(Sing me to Sleep) Regina Spektor

Sometimes there is a thin line between mainstream and indie music, take Regina Spektor's single 'Fidelity' (watch video below) for example. It's a song that would not be misplaced on mainstream radio except for one thing if you listen closely: this song is really good! I love the break at 2:50 into the song. Spektor has an extraordinary voice (in a positive way) that she uses very dynamically: sometimes it's like she's whispering, sometimes she sounds very vulnerable, sometimes very strong.

Spektor's 2006 album "Begin to Hope" makes for perfect late night music. Listening to it will relax you, but has enough surprising moments to keep you awake. The Russian Born, American singer songwriter and pianist has made a very diverse album, that I'm liking more and more with every listen. It's the kind of album that unveals secrets every time you listen to it, sometimes lyrically and sometimes musically. Interesting stuff. If you like the video to 'Fidelity', she has a music player on her website. I've put up the bonustrack Uh-merica, where the uh sounds dangerously close to a vomiting noise but I'm sure that's not done on purpose hehe...

Video: Regina Spektor - Fidelity

Regina Spektor - Uh-Merica

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