Sunday, December 10, 2006


Remember playing video games as a kid and whistling along to the background music? Knowing every riff to every level by heart wasn't a rarity in those days. If this sounds familiar or if you can relate to this, let's discuss a band whose goal it is to play the themes to all the Nintendo 8 bit games before they die: The Advantage. Not only is this an awesome goal, but these self proclaimed 'serious dudes that rock with good nintentions' execute these song very well. My favorite song has to be Goonies 2. Check out the live video and the original tune (!) below. I've put some other cool ones up for download.

Video: The Advantage - Goonies 2

Video: Goonies 2: the game

The Advantage - Bubble Bobble

The Advantage - Super Mario Bros. 2 - Overworld

Some live mp3's by The Avantage

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