Monday, November 13, 2006

The Brother Kite

Remember my post on what the Beach Boys would sound like in 2006? Let me introduce you to The Brother Kite. This band is creating quite the buzz in the blogworld with their new album Waiting For The Time To Be Right. That's not surprising: with a sound that's somewhere between the Cure, the Beach Boys and/or Nada Surf, their songs already sound familiar at the first play. The dreamy athmosphere makes this album a perfect soundtrack for this autumn. You might have to get used to how this album is produced, but I feel it really works out well for them.

'I'm Not the Only One' (watch video below) is the logical choice as a first single. It's one of the faster songs on the album, an uptempo rockin' song that could have been written by Nada Surf. The album as a whole- which I'm getting into more and more with every listen- is a good mix between uptempo rockers and slower dreampop. I've put up one of both.

The Brother Kite - Bringing it Back Home

The Brother Kite - Hopeless and Unsung
The Brother Kite on MySpace

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