Friday, November 17, 2006

Finally Friday Video's Part X

Last week I asked you for your participation in the 'Finally Friday Video' series. Maybe it's the quality that counts and not the quantity, because I got only one recommendation. However Steve Vai's 'The Audience is Listening' is a video I've never seen before and it's a great one too. Thank you Boris Yeltsin ( :] ) for your contribution! This song reminds me a little bit of Van Halen's 'Hot For Teacher'.

Speaking of Steve Vai, I'm afraid I'm not really familiar with his work. I do know he played the guitar in David Lee Roth's solo act. Therefore, I added the video of my favorite song (Yankee Rose) of his 1986 album 'Eat 'em and smile'. In this song Steve Vai literally lets his guitar do the talking and after watching it you'll understand why Van Halen stopped being cool when David Lee Roth left the band. It just doesn't get more over the top than David Lee Roth. I'm sorry that the sound is a little off sync, but I couldn't found a better one...

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Boris Yeltsin said...

thx! :-D

next week 'balls to the wall' (accept) or 'walk' (pantera)?