Saturday, October 28, 2006

Will the new Beach Boys please stand up?

I like to theorize about everything and everyone. For instance, when I went to college by bus everyday I'd theorize about the lives of all these familiar strangers that I saw every day. In my head I knew what their lives looked like, what music they liked and which television shows they watched. In my psychology study I've learned that this isn't that rare and actually is pretty well researched (read about the familiar stranger phenomenon here). Today however, I like to discuss a whole different theory and I encourage you to give your opinion. It goes a little something like this...

If the Beach Boys were still around in 2006 (in their mid twenties) they would sound like:

Option A) Field Music. This band plays delightful indiepop, with postrock drum rhythms and great vocal harmonies. The music is somewhat inoffensive so your parents might even like this, but that's also true for the original Beach Boys right? I wouldn't be surprised if this band will score a hit someday. Check the video for 'You're not supposed to' below and you'll see why! I'm totally digging this song.

Download: Field Music - If Only the Moon were up

Option B) Rooney. Alright. Take one part Weezer and one part Beach Boys and you will get Rooney. Named after the infamous principal of 80's hit movie "Ferris Bueller's day off", this band plays the kind of powerpop that stucks into your head after one listen. Their songs do get old after a couple of listens, but can't deny the fact that they were on 'the O.C'!

Download: Rooney - I'm Shakin'

Option C) Annuals. A bit more experimental than option A and B, but it's a fact that the Beach Boys also had a more experimental side to them. Take a little bit of modern day indiepop/rock acts like Arcade Fire and Islands, put it in a blender together with the Beach Boys and you'll get something that closely resembles this band. This is the kind of music that you will have to listen a couple of times to 'to get it', but it's actually pretty good!

Download: Annuals - Complete or Completing

Okay...I could go on, but let's keep it with three options for now. be continued!

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