Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Show Review: Samiam/The Draft @ De Helling

Monday isn't the best night for a show...it's not as bad as lazy sunday evening shows, but still...it's monday... Though I was pretty excited to finally see one of the best poppunk bands around, this night might've just as well turned out to another dissappointing monday night show. Luckily I got my money's worth last night in Utrecht.

I haven't really listened to the debut album ('In a Million Pieces) of The Draft yet. With three members of the great Hot Water Music this is a band that definitely deserves more interest from my behalve. Last night they showed that there is life after HWM. They are blessed with one of the best singers in punkrock today, while musically I think they can be seen as a more accessible (not better though) version of HWM. They played a solid set and I'm listening to their album as we speak. However, singer Chris Wollard was so stoned that his between song speeches sounded more like the late Steve Irwin than anything else. I'm glad it didn't affect his singing voice (which really was great), but it was actually quite lame...

Up next: Samiam.
What I like about this band? They write good songs. There's no image. Just 5 guys playing good music and that's exactly what they did yesterday. Starting off with one of the best opening lines I've ever heard on a show ("Here's some songs we know") they came out strong, opening with some classic Samiam songs. They finished their set strong too and although some people might say that the middle part (with some new songs en some slower songs) was kind of dull...I loved every minute of it. This is the poppunk I love. Heartfelt, well written songs sung passionately by (again) a great vocalist. This band has the gift to make you sing along like these songs are a part of you.

Thus...a 'unmondaylike' show. Samiam's 'She found you' has been stuck in my head. Check out the video below.

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