Saturday, October 21, 2006

The Thermals

Ok...the following scenario. There's this band. Their name sounds familiar and you're quite certain that you've checked some of their songs out, but you never really cared for this band. After reading some really positive reviews, you decide to check out this bands new album. The first listen is not enough to blow you away, but it touches some nerves. The singer has a voice that you either love or hate and you haven't decided yet which side your on. You do like the intensity, the energy and the music. Then you listen to the album again and there are a couple of songs that stand out. These are the songs that make you play this album over and over again and after a few listens you find other song that you love. All of a 'get' this band and you can't wait to tell your friends about this band and you're excited because you find out that they're touring Europe in november.

Yeah...I'm talking about the Thermals and their new album 'The Body, The Blood, The Machine'. I am pretty certain that this album will make it to my yearlist. From the Subpop website: "The Body, The Blood, The Machine adds walls of guitars, organs, and even a few "ballads" (aka slightly pretty songs) to the mix, while still retaining the gritty post-pop-punk sound for which The Thermals are globally famous. The lyrics envision a United States governed by a fascist Christian state, and focus on the need (and means) to escape. While hardly a concept album, there is definitely a story told in the songs: a story about getting the fuck OUT while you still can."
Check out the single 'A Pillar Of Salt' to which I can't stop singing the opening lyrics to ("We were born to sin, we were born to sin / We don't think we're special, sir, we know everybody is /")

The Thermals - A Pillar of Salt
The Thermals - An Ear For Baby
The Thermals on MySpace

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