Tuesday, October 17, 2006

...some popular culture observations

* I'd already read that the new Killers album (Sam's Town) sounded a lot like Bruce Springsteen. I, however did not expected it to sound as much "bosslike" as on the first single "When we were young". Not that this is a bad thing. I actually really like this song!

* There are many reasons not to like George W Bush. Artist have shown different ways (from Fat Mike's punkvoter to Kanye West's "GWB doesn't care about black people") to ventilate their opinion about this wannabe president. Concerning GWB, there is so much to criticize that you sometimes get a feeling that you've heard it all before. You still hate that redneck president, but you don't really want to hear another band preaching about him on stage. This morning however, I saw a video by Jurassic 5, who have managed to put a lot of criticism in a quite funny video without being unoriginal. I didn't pay attention to the music, but great video!

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