Sunday, October 15, 2006

Do the Math!

Lately, there has been some controversy in the Netherlands concerning the mathematical abilities of future school teachers. Apparantly they have trouble adding, substracting and dividing without a calculator. Oh will they teach our children?!! Fortunately there are bands who make doing math sound a little cooler. Take Math and Physics Club for instance. A geeky name, but they deliver simple but solid catchy indiepop in the vein of Belle and Sebastian. Their self titled debut LP (they've already released two EP's) will be released this month. I've already heard it and it's good!

Math and Physics Club - Movie Ending Romance (From the Movie Ending Romance EP)
Math and Physics Club - Weekends Away (From the Weekends Away EP)
Math and Physics Club - La LA LA Lisa (from their new self titled album)

An even geekier bandname is The Mathletes. With a more electronic driven sound -not unlike They Might Be Giants- they write silly yet simple tunes, with silly lyrics and silly song titles. 'It's a difficult thing, being a mule' for instance starts out with the following lines: "My Mom was a donkey, my dad was a horse, that makes me a mule...of course".'s that for education? By the way...this video is weird!

The Mathletes - Pinocchiobot
The Mathletes - Your Wings Are Made of Gold (I Reamain Unimpressed)

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