Thursday, December 07, 2006

Show Review: The Long Blondes @ Rotown

It might have been a good idea to buy tickets in advance, because there was already a long line standing outside of Rotown when we got there. Luckily we were in time to still get in.

De Nieuwe Vrolijkheid, invited by the Long Blondes themselves had the honours to open for a sold out crowd. This young artpop band from The Hague didn't impress me. It's great that they try to be original, but last night their act lacked the personality to pull it off. Technical difficulties and weak vocals (couldn't tell whether this was the band or the sound guy) didn't help them either.

Up next: The Long Blondes. If you haven't heard their single 'Once and Never Again', you haven't been paying attention (at least not to this blog hehe). The first thing I noticed was the personality of singer and born performer Kate Jackson. She grabs your attention without asking for it and she can sing...boy can she sing!!! I can't remember when I was this awe struck by the voice of a female singer at a show. Every note was full on and with so much conviction; she truly held nothing back. The played boredom of the (female) guitarist en bassist seems to suggest: it's all about Kate, never mind us. But in this case, it's the tightness of the band that provides the opportunity to shine for Kate Jackson.

Now I have to admit that my likeness to this bands is limited to certain songs. This is the kind of band I skip certain songs of. Their set last night was enough to keep my interest, not to short and not too long. The Long Blondes are fun live!

Video: The Long Blondes - Weekend Without Makeup

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