Sunday, December 03, 2006

Love is All

I'm aware that a lot of bands I've talked about in this blog are Scandinavian. I'd like to state that this is not on purpose. It's just that this region is filled with so many great bands that George W Bush would probably refer to it as the axis of evilly good music that is a threat to the US indie scene (of course if he had good musical taste, which is more than doubtful. That's a good thing though cause if he did, he might invade Scandinavia to stop this bands from being better than their American counterparts...).
Sorry for drifting off...let me introduce you to Love is All from Sweden. I highly recommend their critically acclaimed debut 'Nine Times That Same Song' if you like pop songs with a little punk chaos added to it. This is catchy but weird, danceable but rocking. I like their old school sound, which remind me of X-ray Spex at times, although the singer's voice alone might account for this. Looking forward to their Amsterdam show december 14th!

Video: Busy Doing Nothing

Love is All - Talk Talk Talk
Love is All - Spinning and Scratching

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