Sunday, December 24, 2006

The 3 best shows of 2006

The Pipettes were totally fun live, the farewell show of Boy Sets Fire was suiting and intimate, the voice of Kate Jackson(the Long Blondes) blew me way, Islands and David & the Citizens were some of the pleasant surprises and singing along to Good Clean Fun was still fun in 2006, but these are the three best shows (in no particular order) I went to this year.

I'm From Barcelona @ De Helling (December 8th)
I was really anxious for this show with expectations at unreasonable heights, but I totally had a blast. Seldom did I have so much fun at a show and time never went by this fast at a show before (except for the Kiss reunion tour in '96 of course). My cheeks hurted from smiling all the time and I kept wondering why I didn't brought out more friends to this show. They would have loved it. Not a soul left the building without a smile!

[read a review in Dutch by 3voor12 here]

Okkervil River @ Rotown (May 13th)
The combination of intimate songs, rocking songs, emotional songs together with the sheer class of the musicians made this a memorable evening. Far to few people attented this show, but I was more than impressed. I liked Okkervil River before the show, but I'd never really got them until this show. Now they're one of my all time favorites.

I will never forget the 50 or 60 year old dude in the audience who sang along to every word, giving some other old dudes faith that they would also still be cool at that age...

The New Pornographers @ De Helling (May 14th)
It's hard not to fall in love with this band. On record, this band makes the finest (power)pop songs you'll ever hear. Live, these songs sound even better. With a beautiful intro working up to an extreme climax, their version of 'The Bleeding Heart Show' was my favorite live moment of 2006. This band doesn't have a cool image or a lot of personality on stage, but they don't really need with songs that good.

This show was so awesome that it turned my show going buddies Pete Moore and Jen from skeptical yet openmindend to awestruck and fans for life.

[read a review in Dutch by 3voor12 here]

So...what were your favorite shows of 2006?

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Jen said...

Himsa @groezrock festival, Belgium
I already liked 'em a lot on their record Courting tragedy and disaster, but didn't expect to be blown away by their live show. Therefore i could not resist and had to join the circlepit and ended up singing along the words i knew up front and trying to help people get on stage for a stagedive.
I was glad that i had my earplugs on me, because this band just blew me away!

Walls of Jericho @Persistance tour, 013 Tilburg
The agression of the (female) singer amazes me everytime, what an energy boost!

I'm From Barcelona @ De Helling
This is not my kind af music on record bur live...
It was only 12 degrees inside de helling and i was freezing my ass off. During i'm from barcelona i didn't think about the cold dor a second, amazing band!