Sunday, October 08, 2006

Feel Good Music: Architecture in Helsinki

Australia's own pride and joy indiepopband Architecture in Helsinki consists of 8 members. That's right...8 members. I have a theory that the more members a band has, the more difficult it get to write songs...unless of course, there is one dictator in the band who makes all decisions. There are 8 different personalities with 8 different musical tastes. The songs of AIH however don't sound like a compromise. It's (indie)pop, rock, punk, electronica, dance...sometimes all at the same time. Some songs are cute, some songs are spasstic, some songs will make you want to dance, most songs will put a smile on your face and make you feel good. By the way, this is how they describe themselves: "A group of people with influences and tastes spanning the last 183 years of pop music, coupled with the isolation of Australia".

Curious? Check out the video's for "Do the Whirlwind" (one of the coolest animations I've seen in a'll love this if you grew up playing videogames) and "It's 5" (a great bouncy track). I've also put the song "The Cemetary" up for download, because it's a great example of how diverse this band is!

Architecture in Helsinki - The Cemetary

Architecture in Helsinki on MySpace (currently there are some remixes of their songs featured here)
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