Wednesday, September 20, 2006


I don't watch TV as much as I used to. I mean...why should you when you can download your favorite series and watch them whenever you like. I just found out that the serie Weeds is being televized on Dutch TV station Talpa (Every thursday at 10 pm, but not this week I believe). I've already seen and really enjoyed the first season. The second season has already started in America, but for those of you that are not yet familiar with it, I highly recommend it. It a sarcastic comedy/drama serie about a young widow from the suburbs who sells weed to provide for her family. It's a well written tv show with great dialogue and enough interesting characters.

The choice of music makes this show even better. "Little Boxes" by Melvina Reynolds is the perfect opening track: you only need to hear it once and you'll never forget it. It's weird, kind of melancholic but also beautiful. The New Pornographers and Sufjan Stevens have a song on it, but there are a lot of special tunes on the soundtrack. If you ever come across a copy...pick it up!!!

I've put the original opening track "Little Boxes" up for download. In season two this song will be done by a different artist every week. For the first episode it's Elvis Costello (watch the video here) and for the second one Death Cab for Cutie. Although I still like the original better, it's a really cool initiative!

Melvina Reynolds - Little Boxes

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