Monday, March 26, 2007

Show Review: I'm From Barcelona @ Melkweg

Zero percent pretentiousness, one hundred percent fun. That basically sums up an I'm from Barcelona show. Yesterday was no exception, though I have to admit that I liked last year's Utrecht show a little more. For instance, their were less Swedes (but I still counted 18) on stage than at the previous show and the Amsterdam audience was a little less excited (but still way more excited that normal at a sunday show).

The band's enthusiasm again was very contagious and you rarely see this amount of equality between a band and the audience. Although their setlist showed similarities with their previous show in the Netherlands, they played some other songs as well. At first I wasn't really (or really wasn't) into their Bryan Adams cover of Can't Stop This Thing We Started, but they managed to give this song a typical I'm from Barcelona sound. Singer Emanuel started the intro of Purple Rain, but unfortunately, they didn't pursue that one...

Adventure Kid, who made a techno 8bit version of their hit song We're from Barcelona delivered the after party, with bandmembers partying and dancing along with the audience...good times!

Download Adventure Kid's version of We're From Barcelona by clicking here!

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