Monday, January 08, 2007

The Broken Family Band

One album I overlooked in a long list of overlooked albums in 2006 is Balls by The Broken Family Band. Imagine a countryband that likes to rock or a rockband that likes country. I'm not talking about cowpunk, though the guitars sound quite punky at times... For now, let's call it indierock with a country feel to it.

The first song (and single) on the album is 'You're like a Woman'. It's a fun song (if you're into the Fratellis, you'll like this!), which will give you an indication what this band is about. Don't let it fool you however, most songs on the album are more laid back.

Video: The Broken Family Band - You're like a Woman

One of the highlights of these laidback songs is the (call it a parody of country duets if you will) break up duet 'Alone in the Make-out Room', with lyrics like:
I wanna watch you drown in a lake or get stabbed by a bull or bit by a snake and there's not a single doctor who will come and help you
I want you to move to Australia, with me a success and you facing failure and all the friends you had ignore your calls

Don't worry the end everything works out...

Another FTC favorite on the album is the Leonard Cohen cover 'Diamonds in the Mine'. They've made an instant singalongable yet rocking version of this song. In case you're not familiar with the original, I've put it up as well.

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The Broken Family Band - I'm Thirsty
The Broken Family Band - Diamonds in the Mine (Leonard Cohen cover)
Leonard Cohen - Diamonds in the Mine

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