Saturday, November 04, 2006

Punk is dead?!...long live Latterman

I think I was 15 or 16 years old when I got into punk(rock) and hardcore. The raw energy and passion, the positive aggression, the obscurity, the melody and fastness of the music and the (do it yourself) mentality really spoke to me. Basically, these bands i fell in love with showed a lot of heart. For a lot of my favorite bands from that era the lyrics were just as important to me as the music. In my opinion, punk (and hardcore) should be about more than just music; it should be a counterculture. It should provide inspiration to young (and not so young) people to make a change in this world on an individual level. It's hard to name one band that stands out for me because it's the whole culture that was inspirational. It gave me the strength to make my own decisions instead of conforming to a certain standard. I'm not afraid to admit that I probably would still eat meat if it weren't for punkrock/hardcore to name an example.

These are still the things I look for in punkrock today and sadly, in my opinion, it is heart that is lacking in a lot of the more popular punkbands. Surprisingly, the bands that never used to be that outspoken on political, environmental and societal issues show the most heart (NOFX and Green Day are examples that first come to mind). Well, maybe I'm just getting old...but I'm losing touch with the 'scene'.

Every now and then however, you come across a band with the right spirit. When I heard Latterman's album 'No Matter Where We Go' last year it blew me away (listen to three songs from this album here). This band is't the most technical or original, but they play their music with such determination and passion that it's contagious. Add some inspirational lyrics and you've got a winner! The bands strong point is the vocalpart: it's hard not to sing along to these songs. The bands weak point might be the similarity of the songs. This is also the case for the new album '...We Are Still Alive'. Expect more of the same, which in one way is a dissappointment cause I was kind of curious what their next step would be. Sometimes however, it's nice to get more of what you already like.

"I hope that we'll be searchers pursuing solution but I hope I have the context right/so as we try to understand each other with the weight of the world on our shoulders/I'm sorting this out with another poppy song/I'm not feeling too young these days but this time I'll make it sound better". ('An Ode to Jon Contra, part 2)

Latterman - If Batman Was Real, He Would Have Beaten The Crap Out Of My friends
Latterman - This Basement Gives Me A Fuckin Headache
Latterman on MySpace

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