Thursday, November 09, 2006

I'm In Love (With Arthur Dove)

I once visited the renowned Guggenheim museum in New York together with my brother. As we were watching paintings by famous artist like 'what's his face' and 'that other guy' (namedropping isn't appropiate here, cause I'm not sure if I really saw paintings by Monet and Picasso...I suck) , I came to the following conclusion: this is not my thing. That's not to say I don't like art at all...I would love having something by Kurt Halsey (see image below) or Derek Hess, on my wall, but the importance (or essence if you will) of these paintings in the Guggenheim was lost on me. To me, if a painting looks good and/or brings out feelings, then it is a good painting. That's it, I don't care if it's abstract or modern or whatever.

It is therefore not surprising that I'd never heard about Arthur Dove (1880-1946), one of America's first abstract painters. Still, for a few weeks now I can't stop singing these six words: I'm in love with Arthur Dove. The reason for this is the irresistible equally titled song by the band Portastatic. The chorus in this song is so insanely catchy that it took me at least 10 listens before I noticed the rest of the song. It's a good indierocking song leaning somewhat to classic rock even(!), but the chorus...oh the chorus is so awesome! Actually, now that I think of it, the first couple of listens I just kept playing the singing harmony in the intro over and over an addiction.

Now sing along all y'all!

Portastatic - I'm in love (with Arthur Dove)
Portastatic on MySpace

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