Friday, September 08, 2006

More on Sprites

Next week, the new Sprites album (Modern Gameplay) will be released. The band was created by Jason Korzen, previously of the great indiepop/new wave band Barcelona (not to be confused with Swedish indiepop sensation I'm from Barcelona ...note to author: you should do a Barcelona flavoured post someday soon).

Anyways, Modern Gameplay turned out as a really catchy and fun album. While Sprites' previous work was a little more mellow, this one has some really energetic songs on it which might even please the punkrockers out there. Don't expect anything to complex: it's accessible pop with added keyboards and great lyrics. "George Romero" for instance is a tribute to the director of the horror classic Dawn of the Dead. If you seen the movie (which you should!), you'll love the lyrics to this song! Check out "A good friend sticks to you" if you like your music a little bit faster.

Sprites - George Romero

Sprites - A good friend sticks to you

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